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We had always dreamed of making feature films…

We had always dreamed of making feature films.Films that fed the human spirit. Films that encouraged Christians to walk in the light of God’s love. Films that encouraged those far from God that he is only a step away. After making many short films, in 2012 we took a step of faith and produced our first full length feature film.. A writer in our congregation brought us the script and we knew it was a mandate from God. God graced us and put everything in place and our first film was born. “Another Chance” premiered later that year resulting in great reviews as well as many decisions to follow Christ. I went on to win multiple film festival awards including, Best Film, Best Director, and Best Lead Actress.

From there we began to pray about what our film making future would be. We are willing and obedient but wanted to be specific about our purpose. In prayer we felt like God was speaking to us to “Make films for Christians, not for evangelism purposes” The truth is that most “unbelievers” will not go see a Faith Based films and if Christians would simply live a life worthy of the name “Christian” then evangelism is organic, natural, and effective. Understanding this, Living Word Films endeavors to encourage and inspire Christians to act like Christians so that their lives may be a light in the world they live.


Our Films

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We are currently casting for our upcoming film.


Sponsors are those amazing people and organizations that partner with us.


If you have a vision for Faith Based and Inspirational Filmmaking, consider financing. Its tax deductable too.


Cameras, lights, audio, lenses, tents….the list goes on an on. As we volunteer to make the best film we can, all equipment is appreciated.


Wardrobe is crucial. Characters are many times remembered for their stylish garb and perfectly detailed appearance.


Many props are needed throughout the film. Click “Offer Services” below to find a list of props we’re needing for current projects.


We are always looking for great locations for filming. Having a film crew in your business is always great for buzz exposure.


On set there are few things more important than good food to keep everyone happy, creative, and full of energy.

Sponsors include those who offer funding as well as services like catering, locations, props, wardrobe, equipment, and funds. Become of something amazing and become a Sponsor today. All sponsors will be in the credits and we always try to include all sponsor’s product, name, and/or logo in the film visually in some way.


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